Call to action

Until recently, climate change has not been receiving sufficient attention within the German health care sector. A trend which is slowly changing as scientists, health professionals and organizations unite to act on climate change to protect human health.   

Health for Future“ was formed by the German Health and Climate Alliance (KLUG) as an initiative for health professionals, employees and students of the German health care sector to join the call for action and use their unique professional role and responsibility to make climate change an imperative to act upon to protect human health and wellbeing.


Protect the climate to protect our health!

The unfolding climate crisis poses an existential threat to mankind. Our health, the health and even survival of future generations is at risk. The time to act is limited.

As health professionals including doctors, nurses, all other health caretakers and students, we carry a unique responsibility to take action. Beyond our daily medical routines, we have to demonstrate that we are facing an emergency. Human health and wellbeing require an intact global climate and sustainably balanced, diverse ecosystems.

We must act now to protect our climate, conserve and restore our environment. This calls for personal, professional and political action, and for the support of all of society.

We advocate for :

  • Treating climate change and its consequences for human health as an imperative mission of the health care sector;
  • Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement including to keep global warming below 1,5 C;
  • Achieving climate neutrality in Germany by 2035;
  • Considering the impact on health of all procedures and regulations to counteract climate change;
  • Integrating global health and climate change into medical curricula for all health professions.

We support Fridays for Future and contribute to the required transformation of the health care sector and our society with our own actions and projects.

We call upon all members of the health care community to support this important cause! Come join us or organize your own activities for our common goal:

Healthy people on a healthy planet!

Health care professionals including doctors, nurses, other health caretakers and students of the German health care sector are welcome to sign the call for action here.

The health for future website provides information on climate change and health, planned events in the run up and during the global action week, materials and recommendations to plan an event and links to the Fridays for Future movement and opportunities to join the global strike week in September.